Princess Dress-Up Extravaganza

   * Personalized fairy-tale themed digital 
     or printed invitations.

   * Fantastic collection of princess "couture"

    * All necessary accessories: gloves, boas,
     tiaras and of course jewels.

    * Fashion Show featuring guests in their princess

    * Elegant table set with classic linens, fine china and personalized              place cards.

    * Pink lemonade served in delicate tea cups.

    * Sumptuous cupcakes with princess toppers

    * Choice of activity, such as princess craft, 
     manicures, tattoos.

    *Celebration ceremony for the birthday girl.

      Whimsical Woodland Fairies

  * Personalized fairy-esque invitations.

  * Shimmering gossamer wings to accompany skirts of satin and tulle.

  *Fairy essentials such as wreaths of flowers with streaming ribbons     and of course, enchanted magical wands.

  *Stories of fairy-lore .

  *Fairy naming ceremony.

  * Fairy craft or colorful fairy tattoos.

  *Lovely tea table with fine linens, delicate china tea sets upon     scattered  flower petals.

  *Fancy iced cookies such as crystallized flowers, fairies, butterflies or     wands.

  *Individual photos taken beside a giant "leaf" rendering the girls as       true little 'pixies'.

  *Group shot of fairy circle for birthday girl.

  *Upscale theme-appropriate party favor for each guest.

  *** This is a lovely party to host in the garden when 
       weather permits.

      Delightful Divas

 Our little princesses quickly grow into darling divas
 (suggested age 6-9)

 * Personalized glam party invitations.

 * Karaoke machine and lip-sinc contests

 * Rockin' table set with glamorous accoutrements.

 *Cupcakes with edibe toppers such as  music note, star and shoe.

 *Manicures with decals

 *Glitter tattoos.

 *Red Carpet Runway Show

      Slumber Spa Spectacular

 *Personalized slumber or spa type invitation

 *Pink terry robes and 'spa' slippers 

 *Manicures and pedicures.

 *Facial masks.

 *Pillow case craft that will be an awesome take-home keepsake for    each guest.

 *Elegant table set with personalized water bottles

 *Fancy cupcakes with spa themed toppers.

Also available: 
Mystical Mermaids, Bridal Salon, Bella Ballerinas, Glamour Girls 
and more. Please give us a call and together we are sure to make your child's party an event to remember.

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